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A ‘lightbulb moment’ for one of our clients

Sally* is a disability support pensioner. Earlier this year, she approached Goulburn Valley CLC  after she was arrested by the local Sherriff and bailed to appear before a Magistrate in relation to 14 warrants totalling almost $4,500 in unpaid parking tickets, speeding fines and tolls accrued by her ex-husband and her son in cars registered […]

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CLC argues homeless woman’s financial hardship

Mary, not her real name, lives by the river. She doesn’t live in a luxury waterfront apartment. Or a retirement village. Or even a caravan park. Mary is 76 and she lives alone in her broken down car on the bank of the Goulburn River. She is homeless. And all Mary wants is to be […]

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Community Legal Centre helps ease farm eviction pain

Recently we were contacted by a client with a mental impairment who was worried that she and her parents were facing eviction from the family farm. A few years ago Becky* borrowed money from a bank to purchase her family’s farm. She also took out a large personal loan from another bank. When Becky fell behind in […]

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single mother

Single mother’s employment prospects protected

Chloe* recently contacted Goulburn Valley CLC for assistance with criminal charges she was facing as a result of an altercation she had with one of her neighbours. Chloe was a 21-year-old single mother of a four-year-old. As a result of the altercation, Chloe and her daughter were effectively homeless, relying on the generosity of friends […]

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Single mother wins divorce order

Lauren* is a single mother of a young child with an intellectual disability and developmental delay. She and her son had fled the Northern Territory to Melbourne three years ago, after her then-husband was released from a second term of imprisonment. Her husband had been imprisoned for a range of drug and violence-related offences. Prior […]

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Lawyers successfully argue exceptional circumstances

Louise* was a 34 year old woman who made an appointment to see us at one of our outreach services. She had recently been charged with speeding and driving whilst suspended. Regrettably, the charge of drive whilst suspended, if proven, would trigger a suspended sentence of imprisonment that she had received earlier in 2013. Louise […]

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Help for mother seeking Intervention Order

Goulburn Valley CLC recently helped Mary* who was seeking an Intervention Order (IVO). Mary had not been able to receive legal advice before she made her application so had only requested that an order be made with three limited clauses. The order she was applying for would not have provided her with the protection she […]

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