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A ‘lightbulb moment’ for one of our clients

Sally* is a disability support pensioner. Earlier this year, she approached Goulburn Valley CLC  after she was arrested by the local Sherriff and bailed to appear before a Magistrate in relation to 14 warrants totalling almost $4,500 in unpaid parking tickets, speeding fines and tolls accrued by her ex-husband and her son in cars registered […]

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Asylum seeker’s fines discharged without penalty

Frances* is a 42 year old asylum seeker from Malaysia. She and her husband fled to Australia in 2008 seeking freedom from persecution, yet their claim for asylum is yet to be determined. They are separated from two of their children, who are resident with Frances’ parents in Malaysia, and their bridging visas mean they […]

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Public interest trumps revenue raising parking fine

  Rita* had received a parking infringement for overstaying the allowed time. On the day that she had received the infringement, she had travelled over 85km from her home to a regional town to answer a summons for jury service. She was not familiar with the town but had been provided with a list of available parking […]

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