Our Therapeutic Justice team: Sej (Lawyer), David (Caseworker)

Shepparton Therapeutic Justice Program benefits clients and the community

People rarely present at court with a single issue. They may be charged with only one offence, but underlying health and personal issues often lurk in the background. Unless these issues are recognised and addressed, it is unlikely they will change their offending behaviour. Therapeutic approaches to justice recognise that people’s offending is complex. And […]

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Now recruiting volunteers for 2018

Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre is seeking expressions of interest from Practicing Solicitors to join our Tuesday Night Advice Clinic, offering pro bono one-off advice and referrals to clients. GVCLC provide a supervising solicitor and two Volunteer Solicitors to assist with appointments. Appointments commence at 6pm and conclude at 8pm, 40 minutes per appointment. Each […]

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Shepparton Women’s fundraiser helps

The Greater Shepparton Women’s Charter Alliance Advisory Committee recently marked Refugee Week with a film night and fundraiser. About 200 patrons sat enthralled by Queen of Katwe, the true story of a young Ugandan woman from the ghetto who became a world class chess player. Goulburn Valley CLC was the grateful recipient of gold coin donations totalling $210.75, which […]

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Therapeutic Justice by the numbers

Therapeutic jurisprudence takes a holistic health and legal case management approach to help offenders address underlying health and personal issues that prevent them from dealing with their offending behaviour. It is an area of practice commonly associated with problem solving courts, such as the Koori Court. Since March 2015, Goulburn Valley CLC’s Therapeutic Justice Program with Primary Care Connect has helped hundreds of clients. So […]

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Will Shepparton lose a specialist family violence solicitor in 2017?

More than 70% of our casework features an element of family violence. In the 2015-16 financial year our service helped with 435 Intervention Order cases. And we assisted 30 Indigenous women at court with Intervention Order matters. We were recently pleased when the Victorian government provided us with an additional $47,000 to allow us to continue […]

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Georgia Mirrissey and the team at Rumbalara

Putting a face to our Rumbalara project 

Our Community Lawyer, Georgia Morrissey (standing in the centre at the rear), has been promoting our Rumbalara Health-Justice Partnership since its October launch and getting to know the local community by attending events at Rumbalara and elsewhere in Shepparton. A highlight was the Rumbalara Women’s Network Cultural Fusion Day. This event attracted a large number of […]

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Shepparton Star Weavers

Goulburn Valley Star Weavers pledge 10,000 stars

Goulburn Valley CLC Community Lawyer Acacia Burns (at right) recently graduated from the Greater Shepparton City Council Community Leadership Program. As part of the program, Acacia instigated the Goulburn Valley Star Weavers, a star weave community of the One Million Stars to End Violence Project. The One Million Stars to End Violence Project was artist […]

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A ‘lightbulb moment’ for one of our clients

Sally* is a disability support pensioner. Earlier this year, she approached Goulburn Valley CLC  after she was arrested by the local Sherriff and bailed to appear before a Magistrate in relation to 14 warrants totalling almost $4,500 in unpaid parking tickets, speeding fines and tolls accrued by her ex-husband and her son in cars registered […]

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ARC Justice’s 2016 Report to Community

ARC Justice’s 2016 Report to Community is an opportunity for our organisation to speak about our achievements and to foreshadow the challenges faced by our three programs: Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre, Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre, and Housing Justice. Our Report to Community is also an opportunity for us to engage with our community in a broader discussion around […]

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Hayley Mansfield

Welcome Hayley Mansfield

Goulburn Valley CLC is thrilled to announce the appointment of Hayley Mansfield as ARC Justice’s new Executive Officer. Hayley’s appointment heralds an exciting new chapter for our organisation and we look forward to working with her to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable rural Victorians. Hayley is currently the General Manager, Family and Community Services at Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative. She has previously […]

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