Majed undertakes Practical Legal Training at Goulburn Valley CLC

Majed Al TuhmazyMajed Al Tuhmazy recently graduated from a Double Degree Bachelor of International Relations and Law at Latrobe University. He is currently undertaking the placement component of his Practical Legal Training at Leo Cussens with Goulburn Valley CLC.

We asked Majed if he had always wanted to be lawyer. ‘Initially,’ he said, ‘I wanted to do something with my International Relations degree and find a job commenting on the ins and outs of Middle Eastern politics and foreign policy. Although I still find international relations interesting, I thought that I could contribute more to helping people on a one-on-one basis by becoming a lawyer.’

Majed was inspired to consider the law by his legal teachers at high school, who ‘encouraged me to pursue a career in law, which gave me the confidence to complete my law degree.’

Majed’s placement at Goulburn Valley CLC has been ‘Great. There’s always work to do and clients to help and the staff can always be relied on to guide me if I’m not too sure on how to complete my assigned tasks. The staff have made the workplace a welcoming environment, which is good because, as a student, I rely on them a lot to guide me.’

Providing legal assistance to vulnerable members of the Goulburn Valley community has given Majed an insight on issues that really matter. ‘I hope to adopt some of the approaches of the Centre in providing legal services in my future career. As the Goulburn Valley region has a wide demographic, with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds, it has been encouraging to see cultural borders being crossed in the pursuit of helping vulnerable people. Additionally, this diversity makes the placement more interesting as clients bring with them their own unique background.’

Majed had an interest in family law before joining us. But this has only grown since coming to Goulburn Valley. ‘Since doing my placement, this interest has only strengthened as I can see this area of law makes a real difference to people’s lives. I believe that it is important to strive towards giving back to the community and I would say that is something also shared by the staff at the GVCLC.’

His advice for a young person considering a career in the law? ‘Get into as many placement positions as possible, because studying law and practicing it can be very different… I learnt that to achieve something you’ve got to take one step at a time and that sooner or later, if you’re stepping in the right direction, you’ll reach your goal.’


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