Putting a face to our Rumbalara project 

Georgia Mirrissey and the team at RumbalaraOur Community Lawyer, Georgia Morrissey (standing in the centre at the rear), has been promoting our Rumbalara Health-Justice Partnership since its October launch and getting to know the local community by attending events at Rumbalara and elsewhere in Shepparton. A highlight was the Rumbalara Women’s Network Cultural Fusion Day. This event attracted a large number of women from many different cultures and was a credit to the members of the Network. Georgia enjoyed hearing about the role of strong women in the different communities and how best to promote the wellbeing of local girls. She looks forward to working more with the organisers and participants in the future.

The Rumbalara Health Centre is developing programs for a group of vulnerable women, some of whom have suffered family violence and some of whom have substance abuse issues. They have invited Georgia to present to these programs and she is looking forward to working with them.

She has now seen almost 20 clients and several staff members have dropped in for secondary consultations. We expect these numbers to grow in 2017 as knowledge of the project grows. In early 2017 Legal Health Check Training will be delivered to the Rumbalara Health staff, with a view to extending that to other departments.


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