Single mother’s employment prospects protected

single motherChloe* recently contacted Goulburn Valley CLC for assistance with criminal charges she was facing as a result of an altercation she had with one of her neighbours.

Chloe was a 21-year-old single mother of a four-year-old. As a result of the altercation, Chloe and her daughter were effectively homeless, relying on the generosity of friends and family as they searched for alternative accommodation.

Like many of the young  people we assist, Chloe had no experience with the legal system. She was concerned about the impact of a criminal record on her ability to gain employment. She was also anxious about going to court as she could not afford a private solicitor and her matter was ineligible for legal aid. Goulburn Valley CLC was the only legal service available to Chloe.

We offered Chloe free legal advice and were able to support her in court. With our help, Chloe demonstrated that, despite the seriousness of the charges she was facing, she should be placed on a diversion plan. This was a fantastic result for Chloe, as it ensured that she avoided any criminal record. Chloe reported that she always felt that there was someone there to support her throughout the process, which relieved her stress and anxiety.

A criminal conviction at Chloe’s young age may have had a serious detrimental impact on her future employment prospects. We were able to assist Chloe to avoid this, enabling her to concentrate on building a life for her and her daughter.


*Not her real name or image
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